Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Time!

Hello Woolies!!
Summer Time has arrived in Colorado!  We are experiencing days in the 90’s and even hotter!  I remember when I first moved to Colorado in 1978…you know the “olden days”….the rare person had air conditioning in their homes.  Every afternoon at about 3:00 it would rain gently for a bit and then the sun would come out again.  It cooled things off so beautifully!  A day in the 90’s was rare for sure!  Chuck says he remembers when Fort Collins ended at Prospect Avenue.

Things do change…..this year’s Birthday qualified me for Social Security.  Wow! Life feels like it changes and goes by in a blink.  I hear the 1950’s referred to as “mid century.”  That can make you feel ancient.  I remember my sister and I visiting a Flea Market together and we were cracking up at all the things that we had from our childhood that are referred to as “vintage.”  We certainly in our minds eye are still the young chickies we always thought we were….at least that is how it feels until we look in the mirror.  I have found if I look in the mirror without my tri-focals on, I have not a wrinkle or age spot on my face!! Try it! It works!!

On to quilting…….where wrinkles can easily be taken care of with an iron!  Pictured below are Savannah (Bee) and myself holding the Moda Bag from Spring Market.  This bag is going to be filled with fun items, a total surprise for the person who wins it!  We will be drawing for the prize on July 13th and notifying the winner in that Friday Post. 

Hope you have a great weekend, don’t forget that next Friday’s post will have the August themed “Snowbuddies” embroidery pattern.  We will be leaving the downloadable patterns on the blogspot until next June so that you have the opportunity to download them all.  After that they will be removed and distributed as a pattern that will be for sale.

Mini Moments from Bee…………. 
There is a lot of things you can do in a summer. You can go fishing, camping, vacation, picnics, bike rides, and swimming just to name a few. Well here is a great idea to make sure almost everything gets done that you are interested in. It's called a Summer Bucket List.
How To Get Your Summer Bucket List Started-
1.  You buy a bucket (small one is great) and write down all your summer want to dos on strips of cardstock.
2.  Then you put all the strips in the bucket. You can put this bucket by a bulletin board or something else.
3.  Then when you get the time to do one of the activities you can draw a strip from the bucket and then you have something fun to do that day. Make sure to take lots of pictures at your events. Then you can hang that event strip on the bulletin board along with a picture or two.
Here are some of my family's Summer Bucket List events:
·        Go to Waterworld
·        Go to Elitches
·        Go on a picnic
·        Ride our bikes on the Poudre Trail
·        Ride our bikes to the pool
·        Read at least 12 books
·        Swim at the Windsor Lake
·        Go the Gunther Toody's
·        Spend a day in Estes Park
·        Go to the Drive-In
·        Have a picnic on Picnic Rock
Here is a picture of our Summer Bucket List


  1. What a cute idea. I never lack for something to do in summer!! I'm so glad I was directed to your blog. I'm sure I'll be back.
    I'd love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks for the chance.

  2. I adore Bee's bucket list! I remember doing some of those fun things, too! I also remember those days of no A/C and not so hot weather (and I qualified for SS this year, too!)! I can't wait to see what you put in the Moda bag!

  3. The bucket list is really a cute idea, for all ages. I visited your shop with the bus trip from TEXAS. By far, the best shop on the whole trip. Seems like you live a million miles away, but thank heavens for computers!! I do look forward to "Woolie Moments"! Would love to the be winner of the Moda bag of goodies. Thanks for the chance. Linda

  4. Gloria from TexasJune 23, 2012 at 12:48 PM

    What a cute idea. A great way to remember your summers and being with family. Your shop and your employees were awesome when I visited the "best" shop during a bus trip from Texas. So glad you have a website. Always look forward to Woolie Moments and would love to be the winner of the Moda bag of goodies. Thanks for the chance. Gloria

  5. thank you i believe the Summer Bucket List is a great idea. Have a great day.

    "BEE"/ Savannah

  6. Hi Connie and Savannah! I really enjoyed meeting you, Connie, last weekend! I just love to visit your shoppe and get inspired by all your beautiful work! I can't wait until I get to come back! Savannah, I think your Summer Bucket List is a super idea! Have a super week and try to stay cool!

    Deb Currier

  7. Hi Connie, I, too, reached that first pinnacle of Seniority this year, in fact, last week. I also look at myself in the mirror without glasses. Really improves my outlook! LOL Thanks for being so very honest in the way you conduct your life. You are indeed an inspiration!

  8. Summer Bucket List is a great idea! And thanks for the chance to win the Moda Bag.

  9. Love that the Drive-In is on your Summer Bucket List.
    Thanks for the chance on the Moda Bag....July 13th is my birthday!! I'm just sayin'....
    Best regards from Gail in Wa State
    g steves at hotmail dot com

  10. Thank you I believe the Drive-in is so much fun for the family. The Summer Bucket List really is a fantastic way to get all your plans together.