Monday, July 2, 2012

August Snowbuddies

Happy July Woolies!
Here we are smack dab in the middle of Summer!  I am happy to report that the Colorado fires appear to be “contained.”  Not without an army of Firefighters whose endurance was super human.  The loss of Homes and lives mark this Summer in great sadness.  We pray for the families that they have the strength to move forward.  We praise the Firefighters!!
Last Saturday was our first Farmer’s Market of the Season.  Down here on Main street in old town Windsor the streets were bustling with families out to enjoy the fun!  We are lucky as the event is just around the corner from the shoppe and “home” for Chuck and I.  We were able to enjoy our first Colorado peaches and apricots.  I will be certain to get to the Market first thing this coming Saturday so I can get some of the homemade cheese Danish. 
Since we have moved above the shoppe, I am missing gardening this year.  I did move over all of my favorite pots and cool iron trellis’.  Since we have a flat roof outside of our door upstairs, I thought I would try some roof top gardening, but haven’t even had a minute to try.  I can’t imagine a summer without geraniums as you all know how much I love them.  Tending a watering the yard I have not missed much, but flowers……I may have to rescue some from the Soopers parking lot and give it a try.   Now….if I could just find a spicket outside for some water????????????????????
Friday, July 13th Giveaway…… Bee and I are gathering things that we add to our cool Moda bag that we will be drawing for on July 13th.  Who will be the winner…..stay tuned!
AUGUST “SNOWBUDDIES.”  Here is the next in the Series of our “Snowbuddies” Embroideries.  This August themed Snowperson is holding a giant Sunflower.  We hope that you are enjoying these fun easy to stitch projects.
Each month will remain on the Blog to be downloaded free of charge. 

Have a safe Holiday!

Mini Moments with Savannah:

I am a little bummed about not being able to have your own little fireworks show in Windsor this Fourth, but town fireworks are still a great joy. AND WE SHOULD PROBABLY BE SAFE AND NOT SORRY!  Today I wrote a report about the Fourth of July and the history behind it.  I now realize what the Fourth Of July is really about. I am excited to swim on the 4th and to just have a fun holiday with my family.

 Just to let you guys know I have started a read along book club on my blog. Here is the link to my blog It is when I read a book and you can read along. I will be starting a new book in the next week so please check it out. This is a great thing for kids my age to do during the summer break to keep their minds full of knowledge.

 I hope you have a fun holiday.



  1. I'm so glad to hear the fires are contained and I hope that is the last of them for a while! Don't you just love the farmer's market? Your geraniums should grow really well in containers! What a fun stitchery - thanks so much!

  2. Hi Candace,
    Right now the only geraniums growing in my world are the ones in wool applique on my designs. Oh well! probably next year!! Farmer's Market again tomorrow! Yeah!! Have a great weekend.