Thursday, May 30, 2013


We are calling it 50% Off!! Days!!
All Kits – 50% OFF Original Price – Fabulous Deals!!
Patterns – 50% OFF
All Wool – 50% Off (Yardage and Premarked Pieces – Including Bags of Wool)
Remaining Fabric on the bolt – 50% per yard
Excluded – Red Chair, Victorian Crazy Quilt, 1894 Crazy Quilt, New Make n Take Projects

Hello All!
Time to walk down the path to a Fresh Start……my head is buzzing with new creative ideas and designs.  Time to clear out the present kits and inventory to make room for the new!

Just Some of the Kits Included:
Snowflakes Galore
Grammie’s Garden Party – Comes in a Cool Carrying Box
Wooly Flower Sampler
Wooly Basket Sampler
Hydrangea Sampler
Lancaster County
Flag Stand Kit and Monthly Penny Rugs (Flag Stand alone not available)
My Favorite Bag Kit
Patchwork Bag Kit
Mini Project Kits

And lots more!!!!

Email Orders Only –
We will honor Emailed Orders for Kits Only While Supplies Last.  Please email Carrie – with the following information:
        *Your Name
        *Contact Information
             *Email Address
        *What Kit(s) you are specifically interested in

Carrie or I will email you back with availability and sale price of the kit.  We will need Credit card information and will be charging shipping and handling.  Check out these items at or

This is Crazy Days weekend in Windsor, when everyone is cleaning house, so I will be doing the same on Main Street.  There will be garage and tag sales everywhere, so watch the drivers who are looking for good deals and stop quickly.  I wonder how many pounds of “stuff” get carried or driven out of Windsor?

Linda has designed and made some one- of- a- kind Glass Flower Garden decorations and they will be here being debuted.  We will have other items for sale, I have some great furniture pieces that were in my old studio and I have brought out of storage.  Lots of great items and surprises!!

Come on over to Windsor, we promise a good time and wonderful bargains!!

Connie and Linda
Yvonne is going Camping!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Celebration of Life

Hello All!

I was just checking back at March blog posts and it was full of fun projects and events.  Unfortunately, on March 26, I lost my husband Chuck after a long illness.  Life sure does take a turn and as graciously as you can, you stop while the world spins around you.  Chuck was always very supportive of my Designing, very proud and one of my biggest cheerleaders.  He would want me to continue down this path and I will, making him as proud as I can.  Thank you to those of you who have sent condolences, to those of you that knew him and have been willing to share your memories of him.  We will be celebrating on Saturday, May 4 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm with a Potluck.  This is what he wanted and no one loved a potluck more than he did.  Our family will gather, our children and grandchildren to “Celebrate.”  We hope you and your family will come and join us.  Bring a covered dish to share if you wish.

The Final “Snowbuddie” Embroidery Pattern -  I was so proud that I had them all designed, but here we are a bit late getting the final design out to you.  We began last May with the June themed block, so we have come full circle.  Remember that these designs are only available to download until May 3lst and will be removed at that time.  The complete pattern will come out at a later date.  Available now is the complete kit of the “Snowbuddies” project available in wool.  See our March 8 Blog for pictures and information on this project.

“HAPPY SPRING” CHATALAINE -  I promised you a Project of the Month and here is one that you will love.  It is quick and easy.  So….featured is this Chatalaine kit that features 1 ½ yds of woven green ribbon that has “Happy Spring” printed on it.  At one end of the ribbon you construct a 2 ½” X 2 ½” wool pin cushion that has three pretty little wool flowers appliqued on it.  The other end of the ribbon is folded over with a snap attached so that you can snap on your favorite scissors.  This kit is being offered for $7.25 and if you order by April 30, we will include three cute pins with Buttons on the head of the pin for Free ($4.75 Value).  (I glued these myself last night!!) These kits can be found on our etsy shoppe, Wooly Moments.

FREEBIE FOR APRIL -  Leave a Blog comment or sign up as a Member of our Blog by April 30 and we enter your name into a drawing for a Free “Happy Spring” Chatalaine and Button Pins.  We will have our drawing on May 1.  Hope you win!!

Painted Backdoor -  Savannah and I are breaking out the paint and brushes and plan to finish our Backdoor project.  Winter and cold weather brought us to a halt, but we plan to put our finishing touches on it.  We will post a photo as soon as we complete it.


Mini Moments from Bee………………………………

 I am very excited because on Sunday I have my last dance competition. It is sad for me to see the competition season  come to an end. I can't wait till next competition season though. I am hoping that my dance studio will end the competition season with the best competition ever!
I can't believe it only about a month before summer! I can't wait till summer! Check out some great summer recipes by going to the recipe page on the blog. I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Trio

Hello All!

It feels like Spring Cleaning around here.  We are looking in all the nooks and crannies and it is amazing what we are finding.  It is kinda’ fun, my mind immediately starts thinking about “what can I do with that?”  The “English Bunny Box” is an example of what popped out of the basement. 



Stop by and see all the interesting “treasures” we have come up with.  It’s always fun!


Spring Trio Special!!! – Pictured below is a “Spring Trio” that we are offering.  The Oval Bunny Penny Rug Kit (Value $12), Carrot Needle Keeper (Value $6.50) and the Embroidery pattern for the fun "Carrot Cake” tea towel (Value $5.00)  Order the Trio for a great bargain price of $18.00 – A SAVINGS OF $5.50. 
The Spring Trio can be ordered at our esty shop or by calling Carrie at 970-686-6346.

Bunny Penny Rug Kit – Measures 7” X 11”.   Kit includes Flannel Background Fabric, Wools for Applique, Black Button for Eye and Instructions.  Threads and backing are not included.

Carrot Needle Keeper – Measures 3 ½” X 7”/  Kit includes Orange and Green Wools for Carrot front and back pieces.  Polimer Bee Button included.  Lining and threads not

Carrot Cake Tea Towel – Embroidery design is 9” X 9”.  Design can be easily traced onto your favorite Tea Towel.

These fun projects will definitely get you in the mood for Spring!!


Bee and I like to watch “Cake Boss.”  We just think that Buddy is hilarious and all the antics that go on in the Bakery are quite entertaining.  They have been talking about their “Crumb Cake.”  Well, finally we just had to order a Crumb Cake and see what all the hipe was about.  After several conversations with the folks at Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, NJ, we finally got our cake ordered to be shipped on Monday and arrive on Wednesday.  They even promised to send an autographed photo of Buddy to Savannah.  (She thought that was pretty cool)  Low and behold our cake arrived yesterday and we just couldn’t wait to have a Cake Boss moment.  We cut that cake up, warmed it in the microwave and decided……………..well, it smells and tastes really good, but maybe our part of the country and our taste pallets just don’t appreciate a good Crumb Cake.  It just needed something….like icing or filling.  Low and behold………….another cake arrived today.  Now, this one tastes a bit different from the first one, I guess it depends on the crumbs used……but opps! Why did we receive two cakes?  Buddy may be a bit “infumed” to know that we got two????????????? I better investigate.

Hey! Have a great day and rest of the week.  Plan to stop by on the 23rd.


Friday, March 8, 2013


If you have been downloading the Free embroidery patterns from the Blogsite, you have been seeing “Sneak Peaks” of the wool applique version of this project.  Well, the project is finished and the kit is ready to send out.  This is an adorable project and can be made into a wallhanging or individual penny rugs.  I have slightly enlarged the designs for ease in applique.  The pattern is very user friendly, all shapes reversed for use with Heat n Bond Lite.  Full size layouts are also included.

The finished project measures 36 ½” X 45 ½”.  This project features solid Black Flannel Background or the background is also available in Black/Marbled Flannel (MODA).  Your choice.  The kit includes the following:  Background portion – Flannel for Background squares, Tan Checked Wool for Scalloped Pennies, Black Wool for Inner circles and Mouths, Crème Wool for Snowbuddies Heads, Orange Wool for Snowbuddies Noses.  Then, there are 12 individually packaged Wool Kits for the Appliques for each of the twelve months of the year.  Also, included is the Pattern, with full size layout patterns and reversed applique designs for use with Heat n Bond Lite.

There is an adorable canvas bag that the kit will arrive in.  We have fused on one of the Snowbuddie’s and a Bee, of course!  Use this bag just as it is, or Blanket stitch the appliques on the bag.  Your friends will love it!! 

Kit Cost –$186.00 – Background Kit & 12 Individual Kits (Pattern is included Free and Cute Snowbuddies Canvas Bag!!)
Pattern Only - $24.00 – Includes all twelve months and full size layout patterns.
Nativity Option -  We have an Optional Nativity Block for December.  The kit includes the Snowbuddies with a Candy Cane.  Kit for Nativity blocks is $15.00

To purchase any or all of part of the project…..check out our Etsy site for ordering……

Embroidered “Snowbuddies” -  I hope you have enjoyed the monthly embroidery projects.  ONE MORE MONTH AND THE YEAR WILL BE COMPLETE!!  April 1st we will download our last month (May).  The free downloadable Embroideries will remain on the site until the end of May and then will be removed.  Watch for the next exciting project!!!!

Christmas in my Head……. It must be the impending Snow storm or blizzard….time will tell!  I have Christmas in my Head….could be talk of candy canes and nativities.   My dear friend Sherry brought some Christmas Crunch Mix to our last Sunday Sew.  It wasn’t Christmas time, but we all loved it.  Here is the recipe:

Christmas Crunch Mix
1 – 12 oz. box Rice Chex cereal
1 – 12 oz. box Golden Grahams cereal
1 – 7 oz. bag shredded coconut
1 – 4 oz. bag slivered almonds
1 ½ cups butter (3 stickss)
2 cups sugar
2 cups corn syrup

Combine cereal, coconut and almonds.  In a large sauce pan, combine butter, sugar and corn syrup to the “soft ball” stage…..about 234 degrees.  Pour syrup over cereal mixture and stir until all is well coated.  Spread out onto two large cookie sheets to cool.  Stir it around occasionally to prevent clumping.  Store in an airtight container. 

Hope you are all doing well.  I am planning on some homemade soup this weekend!  Paula brought me a delicious loaf of zucchini bread that had cranberries and coconut in it!!!
Will be enjoying that with our soup.  If we are in a blizzard….be safe, stay in, watch some movies, eat some great food and work on a project!!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Project of the Month

Hello Woolies!!
Spring has sprung today in Colorado.  I think we will see 60 degrees today.  I’m listening to the radio enjoying this gorgeous day when a Storm Watch message comes on.  Could be by tomorrow that we are in a Blizzard.  Such is Spring in the Country!!  I hope if you are in the area that you are ready to “nest in.”  I’m thinking it would be kinda’ nice to be snowed in!
March Project of the Month:
I have dropped hints about giving new life to a Project of the Month program that I featured to Shop Owners way back in 2007.  Here is the first offering of fun new and limited projects…….English Button Box Kit.   It features a paper mache’ box that is approximately 5” X 5” and 2 ½” tall.  Yes, indeedy, I found these in the basement, just calling for some creativity.  The box will need to be painted, but the kit includes the Box, Fabrics for the Hexagons, 7/8” Hexagon papers, Green Background fabric and Fusible Fleece backing, Yellow Bias Binding (I made it for you!) and a cute wooden knob for the top.  You will need a bit of paint, floss for embroidery and some fabric glue.
Quick and easy to make!! The pattern includes all the information needed to complete this fun Bunny Box.  The cost of the Kit is $15.00 plus shipping.  Here is the link to our Etsy Shop:

Hope you enjoy this fun project….there are more to come!!
Mini Moments from Bee....
The last two weekends I have been at dance competitions. Two weeks ago, I went to Legacy (a dance competition in Denver) and competed in two pieces. My small group dance piece took home a platinum award and first overall in its division.  The large group piece received an elite gold. It was an exciting weekend for my whole dance studio!!! Just this last weekend I went to Jump (a dance convention and competition in Denver).  I had the best time ever!  I had lots of dance classes with famous dancers, such as So You Think You Can Dance winners. I danced my heart out in every class.  At the end of the weekend I got a contemporary/lyrical/jazz scholarship. The scholarship can be used towards a week long summer dance intensive. The intensives are held in New York, L.A, and other places. Convention was so much fun!!!! I can’t wait till my next competition.
Connie and Bee

Thursday, February 28, 2013

April Themed Snowbuddie

Hello Woolies!!
Well, this month just flew by.  I have been busy finishing the “Snowbuddies” designs.  They entire year is now designed.  Below you will find the next design that is April themed…April Showers and when you see the final in the series…you will see “Brings May Flowers.”  We began this Embroidery adventure last May with the June themed embroidery, so we have just about come full circle.   All the Free Downloadable designs will be available until the end of May and then they will be removed from the Blog site. 
The “Snowbuddies” Wool Version is now complete.  I even handquilted the project using #8 Black Perle Cotton.  It gives it a very primitive look, for sure not those tiny little quilting stitches, but really appropriate for wool and flannel.  Of course, it can be machine embroidered and quilted both, so it offers something for those that love hand work and those that love all the beautiful things that they can accomplish with their sewing machines.
Bee had her first Dance Competition last Saturday in Denver and did sensational!!! I am such a proud Grandma!  I will have her write all about it in our next post.  We will make it a post all about her!!
Connie and Bee

Friday, February 1, 2013

March Snowbuddies Pattern

Hello All!

Another month has flown by like a blink of an eye.  I just returned from a week’s vacation with girlfriends at a Get-A-Way Retreat hosted by my sistah friend, Jeanette Pie’.  This was her 47th Retreat that she has shared with a huge group of ladies.  There were 60+ of us there.   Her groupies (they are a wonderful, lively, talented bunch) threw a Surprise 60th Birthday party for Jeanette.  This has been in the making for a year and I just was so excited to be a part of the party and surprise.  I now believe something that I did not think was possible…….75 ladies can keep a secret for a year!  The tittering and giggling was contagious before the big “Surprise” and a few of us had the job of getting Jeanette out of the conference room and back for the party.  That was not easy!!  We lured her away with wine!! Worked!!  It was a fabulous party!!

Lancaster and Lancaster County are just amazing places to experience.  The Amish and Mennonite are visible everywhere in their horse and buggies and their very somber dark unadorned clothing.  They are very quiet and subdued and I love it when they begin to speak Pennsylvania Dutch…..I suppose they might be talking about us.  Fabric for quilts is in abundance everywhere….and holy smokes! the prices…just marked up $1.00 per yard over wholesale prices.  I am not a Batik fan but was a bit tempted by beautiful Batiks at $6.00 per yard.  Though I restrained myself because of checking heavy bags at the airport and did not bring home more than a few pieces of fabric, but imagine how much fabric was purchased by 60+ ladies at a Retreat.

The creativity in a room of 60 ladies, the imagination and techniques are so fun to experience.  I always feel like I come away with some new ideas and inspirations.  Kindred spirits for sure with the goal of making a birthday special for an extra-special lady and revisiting and making new friends. 

Although it was rainy and a bit snowy while I was in Lancaster, I imagined the children flying kites in another month or so.  Thus, my inspiration for my March themed Snowbuddie……“Kite Flying.”  I don’t think we would see an Amish child wearing red mittens as will be shown in my wool version, but the simplicity of a kite surely still brings joy and fun to anyone of any age.  

The night before I left for the airport, I decided to add the Snowbuddie Wool project to my bag for Show n Tell.  Well, I had not put the blocks together yet, plus factor in that March, April and May remained to be designed.  Geesh!  So I quickly put together the blocks and added a couple borders.  Below is a photo of how it looks put together.  Really is cute.  I love how the blocks float without any sashing.  The designs have been enlarged and the blocks are 10 ½” X 10 ½” square.  To Be Added yet are the appliques for March thru May and then the project will be finished. 

Available Now

     Background Kit – Includes Black flannel for Blocks, Checked wool for scalloped Penny Rugs, Inner Black circle wool, Wool for Snowbuddie heads, Wool for Carrot Noses,

                              Black wool for months - $38.00

     Individual Monthly Kits – June through March are now available for an additional $10.00 each.  This includes the wool for the remainder of the appliques for each block.

                              These kits can be purchases separately but the Background kit is needed in order to complete the project.

Contact Carrie for ordering information – 970-686-6346 or

Winner This Month of the “Victorian Vintage Pillow” Pre-traced Project:

We are happy to announce that Robin C. is the winner of the pre-traced project.  We had a lot of fun making this project.  The ladies in the class colored with their favorite colors and we heat set the colors.  Then the project is embroidered in Black to outline the colors.  Robin we will be contacting you to get your mailing information.  Congratulations!

Bee and I will work on sending out some Valentine’s Day recipes next week.  Never know, even a surprise or two!!

Connie and Bee