Monday, December 3, 2012

January Themed Snowbuddie and Wool Applique Snowbuddie Kits now Available

Hello Woolies!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday at our home, I sure hope you did, too!  The grandkids always keep things so festive and fun.  Savannah and our littlest Angel (3) came up with some great dance routines and performed for us.  Cody who is now 14 was into food! Loves dressing and turkey and anything else related to the dinner table.  I am always amazed how he can eat!  I came upon our Little Angel in the kitchen licking a serving spoon that had obviously been dipped into a container of Cool Whip.  She was just in heaven….mostly because no one knew she was doing it. 

Speaking of performing….Bee has been so busy in rehearsals for the program freshly written called “Christmas Presence.”  She played the lead – “Roxy” who is 8 and with her Grandfather they tell the true story of Christmas.  There was lots of story telling, dancing and singing.  She did a great job and was just fabulous in her first lead.  I know she will be updating you in her “Mini Moments” and hopefully can include a photo.  So proud of you Bee!

So……….here we are just creeping up on Christmas!  For me, and probably for you, it feels like we are in fast forward.  Can we all make a pact to slow down as much as possible and enjoy those beautiful moments that just go flying by so quickly that we totally miss them?  Before I close my eyes for the night, I am consciously making an effort to remember a few of the great things that happened during the day I just finished.  Sometimes, it will include a giggle and sometimes sweet tears.  Let’s promise to allow ourselves those sweet moments. 

Since our home is on the second story of our building, we face Main Street and the street is lined with trees.  Once again! I look out my windows to beautiful twinkly lights.  I just love this time of the year, love seeing the lights go onto the trees and celebrate when the lights come on.  It is like floating in the sky with twinkling lights. 

January Themed – “Snowbuddie”

Here is the January themed “Snowbuddie”  all snuggled up in ear muffs, scarf and holding a snowflake.  I hope you are having fun with these stitcheries.  We only have four months remaining.  The downloadable patterns will be available until June 1st and then will disappear from the Blog site.   


Okay, well, I was so excited about  giving new life to these embroideries by making them into Wool Applique Penny Rugs!  I enlarged the patterns and then created the same designs in Wool Applique.  They are so stinkin’ cute!  They are so much fun to make and stitch….just come to life right before your eyes.  I wish I could say that I have all of them stitched, but I am working on it.   I do have all of them fused to Black flannel background blocks.  In the photos below you will see the options of what to do with these great Penny Rug blocks.

Background Basic Kit - $38.00 Includes:

     Tan Check Wool for 12 Scalloped Penny Rugs*

      Black Wool for 12 Inner Circles and Snowbuddie Mouths*

      Crème Wool for 12 Snowbuddie Heads*

      Orange Wool for 12 Carrot Noses*

      1 yd. Black Flannel for 12 – 10 ½” X 10 ½” Background blocks

      Pattern for * Items

Wool Applique Kits – These kits are $10.00 each + Shipping and just include the Wool for the Appliques – Available now, June, July, August, September, October, November, December (2 variations) and January.  February, March, April and May will be available when each of the Downloadable Embroideries appear on the Website. 

Option 1 -   Fused onto Black Flannel Background Blocks that finish about 10” each.  Blocks are then put together 3 blocks X 4 blocks into a wall hanging.  I plan to sew mine together without sashing.  I will Featherstitch along the seam lines of the blocks.  You can sash yours if you like.  An outside Border can be added to finish off this cute piece.  You will need the Background Basic Kit and each of the Snowbuddie Wool Applique kits to complete Option 1.

Option 2 – Some of you may want to pick and choose which Penny Rug designs you would like to make.  Instead of sewing the blocks into a wall quilt, I finished the December design individually.  After all the stitching was complete, I added fusible fleece to the wrong side of the square.  I then cut into the circle shape, adding backing and finished as if it is a small quilt by adding Bias binding to the outside edge of the circle.  It finishes to a 9 ½” circle.  So cute!  It is a great variation or addition to my Flag Stand pattern.  This kit comes with the Wool Welcome Flag kit which includes the adjustable wrought iron stand.  This kit is available for $52.00.   You can check out our website for other Penny rugs that go onto the Flag Stand. .   Needed for Option 2 – Background Basic Kit and Snowbuddies Wool Applique Kits.  If making individual Penny Rugs you will need Fusible Fleece, Backing and Binding for each Penny Rug. 

“SNOWBUDDIES” GIVEAWAY…….  Okay, if you are interested in the “Snowbuddies”  Wool Applique program, we are giving away one Background Basic Kit valued at $38.00.  That will get you started.  If you will email Carrie at with your Name & mailing address, we will include them in a drawing for the Basic Kit.  The drawing will be January 1st.   Good Luck!

Hopefully, in the next few days we will have our website updated with some new Block of the Month auto ship programs……The Red Chair, Snowflakes Galore and a brand new Embroidery/English Paper pieced project that features authentic 1930’s 40’s Feedsack fabrics for the Paper piecing.  It is fabulous!  We will cut up the fabric and when it is gone it is gone.  Kits are very limited. 

I wish you a great week!


Mini Moments from Bee………………………..  

This past weekend I did my show at the Lincoln Center. It was a great show full of lots of dancing, acting, and music. The cast was wonderful. I am sad that the show is over though.

I can't believe it is December it seems like November went so quickly.  I can't believe it is almost Christmas, but of course it ruins the effect of Christmas when there is no snow yet. I know that my family has already put up our Christmas decorations in our house.  It makes it feel a little more Christmasy!  I think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!