Friday, June 1, 2012

July Snowbuddies

Today, Savannah and I shared some stitching time.  She helped me with the “64 Posie Basket” Class yesterday and we decided that since she has been doing Backstitch embroidery since she was three that it is time to move on to the Blanket stitch.  She is pictured stitching on one of the “64 Posie Basket” Blocks.  She selected her wools and traced the shapes onto Heat n Bond Lite, fused them onto her wool colors, cut them out and ironed them on to her background getting her applique piece ready to embroider.   Before her lesson in embroidery, she had fun rummaging through my basket of different threads.  She selected a #8 Perle Cotton in light blue.  As I write this, she is stitching away and making quite beautiful Blanket stitches!

I have been working on my re-creation of the “1894” Crazy Quilt that I have treasured for years in my collection of Quilts.  This crazy quilt is unique because it is all pieced with cotton fabrics, no fancy fabrics and is embellished with beautiful embroidery throughout the quilt.  It consists of 12 – 22” squares of foundation muslin that has been embellished with a variety and textures of cottons all added in “crazy quilt fashion.”  Each month we are re-recreating an additional block for the quilt that we hope will be ready to go together in about a year or so????????  I am redesigning the blocks and giving step by step instructions on assembling each of the blocks.  Holy Smokes! All twelve blocks are different!  It is a challenge, but so rewarding.   I have ordered in hand-dyed cottons to give that worn and weathered look of the cottons from the original quilt.  Pictured below on the top is my reproduction block and on the bottom is the original.  First month out we have not yet added the fancy embroidery that will go along the seams between the different fabric pieces, but we will!!  Anyone still interested in joining this project, there is still time.  Give us a call for details…970-686-5642. 

 Here is the Free June downloadable embroidery Snowbuddies pattern Since we are working in advance it is actually July themed.  Have fun!

Tip For The Week………….Transfer Eze…….if you haven’t tried it, I hope you will.  It is $1.50 per sheet (8 1/2” X 11 ½”) and it goes through your copier or printer.  You place your embroidery image that you want copied onto the glass window of your copier/printer and the Transfer Eze goes through and makes a copy of the image.  Peel the product apart and place the copied image directly onto your fabric and finger pressure press into place.  Then you embroider through the product directly onto the fabric.  This is great for those that do not like to trace or for those dark fabrics that are impossible to trace onto.  When all your embroidery is complete, simply soak in water and the Transfer Eze dissolves and disappears.  It is incredible!  I used it on one of the dark fabrics in the “1894 Crazy Quilt” block.  Check out your local Quilt Shop and see if they have it to try, or give us a call and we can ship to you.

Mini Moment from Bee:

It’s fun to be at the shoppe.  Yesterday, I helped my Tee Tee with a class.  I showed the ladies how to peel the paper off the back of the fabrics.  Today I am learning to Blanket Stitch.  Tee Tee has taught me how, and once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy.  The hardest part is threading the needle.

I am having dress rehearsals and photos getting ready for my big Recital Weekend.   It is a busy time!!

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  1. Received my "Snowbuddies" fabric kit in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much. I'm planning on working on them on a trip to Grand Junction the end of the month. Shar Weiser