Friday, June 15, 2012

Woolies Brown Bag Strip Kit Drawing Today!!!

Hello Woolies!

Today we drew the winner of the “Woolie’s Brown Bag Strip Kit.”  Our computer generated winner is……..Pam Hagar.  Congratulations!!  We will be emailing you for mailing information.  This is so much fun!!

We have started our “Summer Hours” at the shoppe.  We are only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Always going against the grain, I have shorter Summer Hours than Winter Hours…go figure.  Actually, this is the first step in creating the classroom space and classes on the days that I am closed.  With a smaller retail space it is hard to set up and operate classes while the shoppe is open.  Last Sunday, we had about eight ladies here just having a great time stitching and extending friendship.  Nancy promised us a Chantily Cake from Whole Foods and we were not disappointed.  I loved that I got the leftovers to share with Chuck.  We had plenty of healthy and not so healthy snacks to choose from.  I love the spirit of sharing and caring when two or more come together.  Stay tuned as we offer some really fun classes and I encourage you to contact us if you have a group of ladies that would like to use our space or have me teach a special class for you.

Last Friday night we had this enormous bus pull up and empty out 40 excited quilters from Texas.  It was about the wildest hour and fifteen minutes that we have experienced in a long while.  Since we knew these ladies would be visiting, I decided to make it “Free Kit” day at the shoppe.  Why not make the day a bit wilder and crazier!  I have at least one “Free Kit” day per month, it is a small project that I design just for this reason.  Ladies need to walk into the shoppe to get their kit.  Pretty easy!  We have been known to giveaway anywhere from 50 to over 300 kits in one day!!  The little kits are free for that day and then put out for sale the next day.  Soooo, “Bee” came in to be the distributor of “Free Kits.”  A lot of you Blog followers got to meet her, not that she is famous, but it was sure fun for her!!!  Our Texas ladies were able to experience our Shoppe, get a free kit and become “Woolies.”  Deb tells us that we converted a lot of ladies over to wool.  For sure we could tell that we made some new friends and followers.  Thanks Y’All!!!  Come again anytime, we loved it!!

Today, Bee and I are eating the best homemade tamales imaginable!!  A local woman makes and sells them and today they were steaming fresh right out of the cooker. They were so hot we could barely touch them.  Well, I consumed one and Bee couldn’t resist and had two.   I am sitting here watching her while she eats, picks out perle cotton colors and is blanket stitching.  She is definitely going to be a multi tasking woman some day.  I often realize just how your genes can filter down to grandchildren.  I may begin to call her “mini me” instead of “bee.”

I received a really cool Bag from Moda while at Market in Kansas City.  Our next post will show the bag and we will have some surprise contents for the NEXT GIVEAWAY.  Watch for details!!

Have a wonderful weekend, we are hoping that the horrible wildfire in Northern Colorado will soon become contained.  So many of our friends have been affected by this disaster.  Homes are lost, but so is the magnificent landscape of Colorado.  We are praying for a huge rain storm that will snuff out the entire fire and people can begin to rebuild their lives and homes. 

Mini Moments from Bee……………

Well, recital was amazing.  I danced my little heart out.  It was great having my family and friends there to cheer me on.

My brother, Cody has been gone for a week. He is at camp in Estes Park with his church youth group. I have been the only child, it’s been fun, but also boring. Without my brother around I don’t have anyone to play with, with it being summer and most people are out doing something else. Thankfully, he comes home today. I will enjoy his presence.  I can’t wait to hear and see him again.

Today I think of all the firefighters at the High Park Fire trying to contain the fire.  I pray for and thank them. I also think of all the homes that have been either evacuated or burnt down. I just pray that the Lord would look over the firefighters and the residents of the affected area.  God bless them all!


  1. Off to quilt country, Lancaster County in PA..
    Will try and keep up with your news postings and blog. Excited to go "home" for a visit if only for a few weeks. I will stop by the shop on my return and share any new found treasures.
    Paulette, Ft Collins

    1. I love! love! Lancaster County. Will be teaching and featuring my wool quilt project named and inspired by that wonderful place....Lancaster County. My sistah friend Jeanette Pie' introduced me to that entire area.
      Chuck and I spent some time there before he got sick. He loved the Amish (how can you not!) and the simplicity of their lives. I remember he visited a harness repair shop and it had no electricity and the ladies were mending harnesses on treadle machines. Have a great time!!

  2. Just found your blog, Connie! Love your designs! I used to live in Greeley way back in the 70's. We drove through there a few years ago after fly fishing in Estes and I barely recognized it. I imagine Windsor has totally changed too! We'll be back in Estes this Labor Day week - I hope to get a chance to pop in your shop!

    1. Hi Candace,
      Windsor is the perfect small town to live in, in the middle of the triangle of Loveland, Ft. Collins and Greeley without living in those bigger cities. We are in the Old Towne Main Street area in a 100 yr old antique building. I am the shopkeeper living over the shoppe. Tonight will be the Outdoor Concert and I simply have to open my windows to hear the music. Life is good! Do stop by, we are only open on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays, so check in. Hope to see you!

  3. Love working with wool and really loved your shop. I am one of the 40 quilters from Texas and wish your shop was closer. You were all so very helpful and made our visit such a pleasure. Loved Colorado also...the weather was perfect during our visit.

    Woolie from Texas

    1. You were a joyous busload of women! I love sharing the shoppe and introducing wool applique to quilters who are just discovering the beauty of it. We hope to see you again, it was a Blast!! Have a great summer and do visit Colorado again! Glad to have you as a
      "Woolie." Keep checking in! Savannah and I will do our best to keep you entertained!