Monday, October 1, 2012

November "Snowbuddies"

Hi Woolie Moment Followers!

Today I looked out my window and saw I believe the “first frost.”  I am loving the cooler days!  I did go out last week and walk through the leaves and loved the “crunching” sound.  Yesterday, Savannah and I spent a few hours working on our back door paint project.  This is our “Gateway to Creativity”.   We are painting a picket fence on our door so that it looks like a gate.  As you can see from our photo…the progress, we have painted on our fence pickets and the fence posts alongside.  We are planning to add detail of grass, flowers and probably a Bee or two!  We thought it would be nice and cool while we painted, but since the door is on the South side of the building, we were in the sunshine and we were surprised how quickly the paint dried and how hot we felt!  Had to put some sunscreen on Bee!  I noticed she would wander off now and again to walk through the leaves….she loves the crunching as much as  I do!

November themed “Snowbuddies”

Okay, so here it is the first of October already!  Below is featured our November themed Snowbuddie…”Pilgrim Girl.  I think she is pretty sweet!    Also, I have included photos of how I am planning to finish my blocks.  To add a bit of whimsy to the project, it just kept screaming Yo-yos.  Now,  I know that yo-yos can make some of us cringe…they use to have the same effect on me.  But, I love the little Yo-Yo Makers that come in various sizes.  I precut my squares and put them next to my sewing chair and before I know it, I have made a bunch of perfect, same size yo-yos.  The Yo-Yo maker that I am using is the 45mm Orange maker and the Yo-yos finish to about 1 ¾” wide.  I have selected a tiny red/crème print and solid red for my yo-yos.  I originally cut my background squares 8” X 8”.  After finishing the embroidery, I cut the square to 7 ½” X 7 ½”.  I then cut a 7 ½” X 7 ½” red/crème print for the backing of the square.  I placed them right sides together and stitched ¼” around the outside edge, leaving a small opening for turning.  (Like sewing a pillow)  Turn right side out, press and slip stitch the opening closed.  My embroidered square is now completely finished.  I then Blanket stitched around the outside edge using two strands of my Sulky 12 wt. thread.  As you see in the photo below, I then added 4 print Yo-yos to each side and a Red yo-yo to each corner.  Notice that it is now finished both front and back.  My plan is that the blocks will be put together three blocks wide by four blocks down. I will continue to add the little finished blocks and yo-yos.  It is really coming out cute and a bit different from setting it together with sashing and borders.

December American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine…..

I have not personally seen or heard that the issue is out for sale.   Check my last Blog Post for news on my featured project and the Giveaway. 

Storage Units…..

A curse!  I have had three of them.   Many of you know that I have worked hard the last couple years to “gleen” my stuff!  I am sure a collector….don’t think that I am a hoarder….just have so many interests and so many things that I love.  Vintage…just gets me into trouble….and Flea Marketing.  I must admit that I am not the impulsive buyer that I used to be….more selective and contemplative.  After living in a 4000 sq. ft. house with way too much garage space for storage, I just have to downsize and I have done it in stages.  My last stage….this past week was to go through all three units and move everything out.  Well, Linda and I did get through all three units, but I found myself needing to keep one.  I am planning for it to be short term, another step in the process.  My stuff in storage was beautifully organized in Rubbermaid tubs, but now I am going to go through them and gleen again.  For those of you in the area…..Big Indoor Sale this coming Saturday (October 6) at the Shoppe – 9 – 3.  There will be lots of fabulous stuff that I am ready to have out of tubs and on to new owners.  I think when I am finished with this process, I surely will write a book!!  I won’t even include a photo of the mountains of tubs….too embarrassing!

I hope you have a great week!  Think of me as I am sorting and pricing and feeling the load lift!


Mini Moments from Bee………………………….  

 Yesterday was very exciting, Tee Tee and I started painting the door. We used a brillant blue; it is beautiful. The brown we painted accents the blue.

 Yesterday I also made a shirt bag.  To make it I took one of my dad's old t-shirts and cut off the sleeves and then cut around the neck hole.  I cut a few inches off the length of his shirt so that the bag wouldn't be too long.  Then I turned it inside out and sewed a zigzag stitch at the bottom of the shirt.  I then turned the bag right side out again and the bag is complete.  It turned out really nice!

I am excited because I am in a play this Christmas called Christmas Presence. I play the granddaughter. The tickets went on sale online at the Lincoln Center today. Tommorow the tickets will be sold at the box office so make sure to get your tickets!

School has been going great! My favorite subject right now is math.  Talk to you later.

Quote of the Day- "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."   Abraham Lincoln



  1. The yo-yo's look really cute! Especially with the fabric you chose! Love it! Question: what kind of thread are you using? I am looking to get my materials and start stitching! Thanks for the frr patterns and the inspiration!!

    Deb Currier

  2. Hi Deb, I am using 12 wt Sulky in color #1035. If you have trouble finding this product we can send it to you. Love the Sulky because you can use it right off the spool, no seperating strands. It is versatile and can also be used with your sewing machine. Great for quilting and topstitching.

  3. I'm a Sulky convert! Love working with it... So easy, less fuss and no separation.

  4. What wonderful snowmen! They remind me of something else I did (that wasn't snowmen and looked nothing like yours, but had a similar feeling) that I loved. I look forward to stitching these. Thanks for letting Lois share your site with us.

  5. Love how you are putting your blocks together with the yo-yos! What a fantastic idea! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!