Sunday, November 4, 2012

December Snowbuddies

Hello Woolies!

I cannot believe that my last Blog post was on October 1st.  Bee and I have been very busy and we have let you down.  I thought closing the Retail part of my business would open up all kinds of time….I must have been dreaming!

I did get my Storage units emptied, thanks to some great help from Linda!  She just kept nudging me along and we got it done.   I spent a solid week going through all of those Rubbermaid tubs that we moved over…it felt like an impossible job, but I sorted and the gals marked the items and we set up a cute little indoor sale spot and it was a whopping success!  What did not sell was donated and it felt sooooooo good!  I never thought that I would have empty Rubbermaid tubs that I would also donate to the Goodwill. 

I have spent a lot of time setting up our new workspace and my Studio!  I just cannot tell you how great it feels to know where everything is….and I am not wasting my time with the frustration of wondering which tub it is stored in and in which storage unit!!  My Studio is once again spacious and I am surrounded by the things that I love and it inspires me to create!

We are working away on getting items available on line.  Carrie has an Etsy site set up and here is the information………Our shop name is Wooly Moments and we can be found at the following link:  We appreciate those orders that are coming in.

We are planning an Openhouse on November 17th.  Want to share my Studio/Classroom/Work space with you and also announcements of upcoming classes and projects.  “The Red Chair” project will be available beginning on the 17th and classes and projects will be posted on all of our sites for those of you that are not in the area.

The Backdoor…..

Bee and I see each other almost every day, but we have not had time to continue on with our Backdoor painting.  We will keep you updated with changes and we will have to finish it soon before the weather changes too much!

Winner of the Vintage Sewing Bag…..

I hope you have had an opportunity to check out my project featured in the latest American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  We promised a great giveaway of a one of a kind vintage bag that I created into a Sewing Bag…..the lucky winner is Cindy Weed!!!                               Congratulations, we will be contacting you via email to getting your mailing information!  Enjoy this great Bag from my heart to your heart!!

December “Snowbuddies”…….

I know that I am a day late getting the December themed “Snowbuddie” to you, but for a good reason.   This month I designed two.  The Reason for the Season is different for everyone and so I wanted to design two different blocks….one very Whimsical with a string of Christmas Lights, Candy Cane and Holly.  And…I wanted to design a Snowbuddie shining with a Star behind him and abeautiful Nativity scene in his hands, called O! Holy Night.  You decide which works best for your Snowbuddie collection.   I love both of them!

NEW! NEW! NEW!......Now, that we are over halfway through the “Snowbuddie” collection, I have decided to offer these cuties in another medium.  I have been stitching mine in Redwork and you probably have been doing embroidery on yours.  I will now present the current “Snowbuddies” in Wool applique.  They are just gonna’ be so darn cute and as soon as I have the current seven ready, I will present them to you.  Kits will be available for these wool projects, I think you are going to love them.  At the end of twelve months you will have 12 blocks to embroider and/or applique.

Hurricane Sandy….

Oh my gosh!  To our East coast friends, my prayers have been with you all!  Words cannot come close to expressing the pain and sadness that we all feel as a Nation.  Blessings to you all!

Hey! Have a wonderful November.   I promise you will hear from me more this month, so stay tuned, stay safe and be Blessed!


Mini Moments from Bee………………………

It was another busy week for my family. Busy weeks are pretty fun though. Cody had three basketball games this week and I had lots of dance classes and Christmas Presence practice. The production is getting close it's kind of scary!!! We have just started practicing like crazy.  In my opinion the show is going to be the best Christmas show ever.  The whole cast of the show is great.  I can't wait until opening day, but I am glad that it isn't tomorrow. If you haven't bought tickets yet; I encourage you to get some cause it is going to be great. Plus the tickets are selling fast. Here is a link to where you can buy tickets. I hope to see you there! 


  1. Wow, Connie!! You have been busy!! I have missed your posts but I knew that you were working hard on getting everything organized! I really need to do the same. I had started but got "stuck" mid way and now you have inspired me to get going again! LOVE both snow buddies!! And in wool!! Ooooo!!! I can't wait! So glad to hear from you! God bless you all!!


  2. Could not pull up the Snow Buddies Patterns. Did I do something wrong?

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