Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BLISS! and American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

Hello Woolies!

I hope you are experiencing a wonderful Fall Day!  When I look out of my windows I am amazed how quickly the leaves are turning and falling.  Chuck hinted laughingly that he thought it might be time to turn on the furnace.  That is his way of telling me that he is cold.  Here I am just loving the cooler temperatures and the last thing that came to my mind was to turn on the HEAT!  Isn’t that one of the reasons why we make all of these beautiful quilts…..to snuggle under them when it gets cold.  My friend and staff person Yvonne talks about how her and hubbie challenge each other to see how long they can go without turning on the furnace.  They just pile on the quilts.  My problem is…..I get cold, cover up with a quilt, get my stitching all organized in my lap (on top of the quilt) and then promptly fall asleep.  I guess it is just called BLISS!


I wanted to give you some exciting news!  As you know, our quilting Bible…American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine features projects from Quilters.  We as Designers submit projects to the magazine in hopes of being included in an issue.  In 2009, we were honored to in the Quilt Sampler magazine as a Top Ten Shop.  And, in 2010, I was selected and invited along with 20 other North American Designers to be honored in the “Creative Circle”.  It was amazing….kind of like being on the Oprah show!  Anyway….I am honored to have one of my projects featured in the December issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.  I am letting you know, because, they tell me it may hit the Newstands/Quilt shops this week, so look for the issue.  My project is called “Pocketbook” and those of you that know me, know that I love the challenge of taking trash and turning it into treasure.  A vintage piece – otherwise a “throw away” and giving it new life.  My way of recycling.  My BLISS!  See….I get BLISS from many different places.  I hope that the article will inspire you to create some treasures of your own.



This article is a perfect reason for a GIVEAWAY!  Maybe adding a bit of BLISS to your life.  I am giving away one of my creations (not the one in the magazine).  I found this cute round vintage navy blue purse at a local flea market.  Every part of it was in great condition, including the lining inside.  So, I designed a Penny Rug for the lid of the purse.  It features a Rose and of course….a BEE!.  Inside the purse where there once was a mirror, I added a small Penny Rug embroidered with “Needles” and glued it to the worn spot left by the missing mirror.  VIOLA! A Sewing Kit.  Small, but great for those important Sewing items….scissors, threads and needles, of course.  I like it because it sits flat on your table and opens to reveal all your necessary sewing notions inside.  Here is your chance to win this fun Sewing Kit.  Sign up as a Member or leave a Comment beginning today 9/25 through November 1st.  We will draw for the Winner and announce the Winner on Friday, November 2nd.  Good Luck!


“Snowbuddies” – November is Coming……..

This Free Downloadable project sure has been fun!  I swear, I just get one designed and it is time to design the next. I hope you liked our October “Snowbuddie” all gussied up in his Mask….Bats and all….for Halloween.  This Embroidery of the Month is designed to be whimsical and make you smile.  If you are signed up as a “Member” of the Blog it will just automatically appear in your mailbox to remind you that it is the first of the month.  I will include in November’s design how I am putting my blocks together.  It matches the whimsy of the project. Any ideas for the November design????? I’d love to hear them!


I think I will go walk on the leaves and see if they CRUNCH!  BLISS!!




Mini Moments with Bee…………………………….             
As you see below in the picture, I am drawing a pretty picket fence on the door outside the shop. As you might already know we are painting it. I am very excited to start it.                

I had a wonderful birthday about three weeks ago. I had a great birthday dinner/movie birthday sleepover with a friend.  I got wonderful gifts. One of which, I've been waiting for forever, a cell phone.  I also got to go shopping and out to dinner with my Tee Tee and mom.  We went to Aeropostale, Marshall's, and Justice.  I got lots of clothes.  Other than a birthday this month it has been great.  I can't believe it is almost October.  It seems like it was just the beginning of summer. Wow, life does go fast.
Phrase of the Day- Spend each day making small memories because some day when you look back to the memories they'll be big.


  1. Congratulations, I can't wait for the magazine.
    My suggestion for the November SnowBuddie would be a turkey and Pilgrim. I love the sewing kit, such a clever idea. You are such an inspiration.

    Always look forward to your Woolie Moments.
    Happy Belated Birthday, Bee

  2. I am so excited for the magazine to come out. Your designs are so unique...one of a kind and we are inspired by your thoughts...

    For November a turkey would be good touch , adding a white pilgrims collar to them both.


  3. As always I just shake my head and say to myself, "How does she do this?" Your well of creativity is deep! I enjoy your ability to take simple things to recycle and reuse.
    I like the idea of a turkey and maybe a small pumpkin?

    Debbie Smith

  4. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to these posts, and each month when the Crazy Quilt group gets together. I can't wait to see the back door! Pam

  5. Congratulations! I will be looking for the magazine! I am always amazed at your creativity and ideas! And I look forward to seeing the new snowbuddies design! I am also looking forward to the newly painted door! Take care!! Deb Currier

  6. I love the retrofitted purse. Connie - you're the best. Mary Alice

  7. I received my issue of AP&Q yesterday so had to stop by to visit your blog too. I'm a rug hooker so I love all your wooly goodies! You have made some very clever projects!

  8. I collect sewing accessories and your cute little sewing kit would be a wonderful addition to my collection. You are indeed blessed to be bonded with your granddaughter through your creativity. Thanks for sharing the Snowbuddie patterns, they are adorable and setting them together with yo-yo's is right up my alley. I made a queen size yo-yo quilt the old fashion way before the yo-yo maker was invented, so after making thousands of them the old fashion way i cannot bring mnyself to use the maker. I also love using yo-yo's for embellishment whenever possible. I have enjoyed browsing your blog and will visit often.