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Happy New Year – January 3, 2013

Read to the bottom….there is a New Giveaway this Month!!

I think we all agree that November and December have to be the busiest months of the year if you are a woman!  I apologize for not blogging more, we seem to just get our next “Snowbuddies” embroidery pattern up and it is time to do it again and we haven’t posted a thing in between.  Good intentions, we promise to do better in 2013!!

We opened the Shoppe for a couple fun events.  On December 16, we had a “Sew Day” and set up as many tables and chairs as the space would hold.  We were able to seat
about 50.  The staff and I worked really hard on projects that we offered – “Make and Takes” where about 90% of the work was completed and the ladies were able to purchase the kit and finish it while sharing time with friends and making new friends at their tables. (I designed new projects, we traced, we cut, we fused and put the projects together ahead of time!!)  One donated can good item gave them a chance to win a prize and one dozen cookies to share gave a second chance at another prize.  We were over-run with food items that I loved taking to the local Food Bank and we had some wonderful treats to share as we sewed that day.  Thanks to all of you that participated.  It was fun coming up with projects that you could complete in an afternoon and provide a space where you could have some “me” time.  We will look forward to doing it again!

Savannah (Bee) did a fantastic job in her Christmas performances!  I am just so proud of her.  She is a pretty gutsy little girl.  I believe that little girl came out of her momma with natural dancing and singing talents that we have all enjoyed watching develop in her 11 years.  She seems to be fearless and what a wonderful gift to have so much confidence in herself and she loves sharing it with others.  I watched her at our family Holiday gatherings spending time with our little 3 year old grand-daughter who loves “Sa-Nannah” to pieces.  She is so patient with her and she taught her several dance steps that they performed for us.  Amazing!!

I am looking forward to going off to Lancaster, Pa. later this month to share some time with my friend Jeanette who is the Owner and Designer of Easy As Pie Designs.  She has been putting on Retreats and some road trips for many years and does a super job of it.  She has had me out several times to teach and she has a following of over 50 ladies that keep coming back to her Retreats.  Some of her ladies – referred to as “Queens” have been to every Retreat!  That tells you that they are great.  Anyway, I will be heading out to spend some time with this group, I will be a “groupie”, not teaching, but taking some R & R time with some of the dearest ladies in the world.  We will be staying over an extra day after the group leaves for some extra girl time!  I can hardly wait!  (Hugs coming soon, Jeanette, Janet, Susan…..)


Below is the February themed “Snowbuddies” Embroidery Pattern.  It just had to be Valentine’s Day….so our Snowbuddie has some hair this time….needed to be a girl!  She is pretty cute and of course holds a heart that says “Bee Mine.”  I can’t believe that we just have three more months and the project blocks will all be designed.  


Offered now are the blocks that are slightly enlarged and feature Wool Applique.  Each month – June thru February is now available in wool applique.  We have cut a wool and flannel background kit that includes the Black flannel for the blocks (12), Tan checked wool for the scalloped Penny Rugs (12), Crème wool for the Snowbuddies (12), Black Wool for the mouths (12) and Orange wool for the “Snowbuddie” carrot noses (12).  This provides all of the basic background fabrics for the project.  The cost of this kit is $38.00.   There are individual wool applique kits for each month.  These kits include the remainder of wools needed for each of the Blocks.  Individual kits are $10.00 each.  Below is a photo of the wool February block in progress.  (I swear, I am turbo blanket stitching and having trouble keeping up!)  Also, I have pinned up the blocks all together to give you an idea of how the finished project will look.  I plan to sew the blocks together (no sashing) and Featherstitch along the seams and will add a Border to the outside.  It is going to be an adorable wall hanging!

WINNER OF THE SNOWBUDDIES BACKGROUND KIT……We offered one Background kit as a giveaway and the winner is Susan Nixon.  We will be emailing you to get your shipping address!  Congratulations!!

Interested in the Wool Applique Kits?????  Contact Carrie at 970-686-6346 or

Please continue to check back or sign up for the Blog.  It then will come automatically to you.  Also, if you are not on our Newsletter email list, you can send your information to Carrie.  The Blog and Newsletter do not always have the same information in them, projects, kits offered, etc.  Somehow we need to combine them…update our sites…..

Ya da, ya da………………..

Next week I am teaching a Vintage Victorian Pillow.  I am reproducing an old embroidery from the 30’s and we are going to color (with crayons) and embroider it.  Best part….we are pre-tracing the design onto the muslin background!  THE GIVEAWAY THIS MONTH……The kit for this project….pre-traced panel, floss and a box of crayons.

Leave us a comment and we will enter you into the drawing.  The question you can comment on……”What is your favorite way to spend “me” time?

I’m off for lunch and pedicures with my Granddaughter Rachel!  Have a great weekend!!

Happy New Year to you All!


Mini Moments with Bee.............
I am still on winter break!  Although I can’t wait to get back to dance class and school, Christmas was wonderful for me.  I enjoyed being with my family and opening presents.  New Year's was fun for me also.  My family and I went to The Melting Pot and had a wonderful 5 course dinner on New Year's Eve, it was delicious!  On New Year's night, my family and I went and had dinner with family friends and that was also fun!  2012 was quite a year.  I can’t believe it is 2013 already!  I can’t wait to see what this year brings for my family, friends, and me! Here are some quotes to remember as we go through each and every day of the new year:
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
          -Mother Teresa
“The future depends on what you do today.”
         - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


  1. I love love love the Snowbudy patterns. Just too darn cute. And a big thank you for the giveaway. I hope the new year is good for you and yours.
    Thanks again
    in SD

  2. Hey Paula, I love them, too! I am partial to snowpeople as you can tell and each one just takes on it's own personality. Any ideas for the next series of free downloadables? I am thinking a series of smaller wool applique blocks??? Happy New Year to you!

  3. I always love seeing your blog posts, even if they are spread out a bit. Thank you so much for the background kit! I will be purchasing a wool kit or two at a time, just have to decide where to start! I'm thrilled to be the winner of this wonderful package. As for me time, I have to say, it's 25% reading or 50% quilting or 25% wool or crazy quilting. Any of them make me happy and renew my soul!

  4. I spend most of my me time perusing blogs and looking at eye candy. I' d accomplish quite a bit if I could stop being inspired by a 'll the wonderful bloggers sharing their awesome projects! Be especially blessed...

  5. Another great Snowbuddy design!! I can't wait to spend some "me" time working on these. I have started working on the Snowpennies that I got from you just before you closed the store. I am LOVING them!! I also just received the English Paper Piecing kit and I look forward to more "me" time starting on that one! So many projects, so little time! As you can see, "me" time is spent sewing in some sort of fashion! Thanks for sharing your projects!! Happy New Year!

  6. Best ways to spend 'me time' is quilting (and embroidery for quilts) and reading!

  7. My favorite way to spend "me" time? Stitching of course! Or fondling fabric...or reading quilting blogs! Thank you for sharing your designs with us!

  8. I love to watch TV while doing handwork, wool or embroidery. Love the snowpennies.

  9. My favorite me time is a cup of Chai tea and stitching or a book!