Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1930's Feed Sack Embroidery Project

Hello All!

It is a beautiful sun-shiny day in Colorado.  It feels like Spring!!  That will change this weekend when we are going to get some real January Colorado weather.  You the know the saying here….”just wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.” 

I realized that I did not Post the 1930’s Feed sack Project on the Blog.  I have been sending a Newsletter out for years, first through the mail and of course, now through email.  I am struggling with combining both the Newsletter and the Blog.  Does one need to completely go away?  Maybe some of you have a great idea on how to handle it.  I know that some of you get the Newsletter and Blog both and each has offered different things….confusing….even I am getting confused!!  Send me your ideas.

We went back and checked and realized that we had not offered or announced the 1930’s Feed sack project via Blog.  So, below, Carrie is going to cut and paste the information from the Newsletter…..the stack of Authentic strips we cut and a photo of one finished block.  We had an amazing sign up for this project…first come basis and we were not sure how many kits my stash of sacks would provide.  Okay, so…….we were able to get 43 kits.  We have contacted everyone on the list and shipped out all but 6 of the kits.  We have six kits remaining and ready to ship…..if you are interested.  Check it out, it is quite the project and won’t be offered this way again.  My Feed sacks are gone!!!



Notice the photo below of the stack of strips we were able to get from my Stash of Authentic fabrics. Yvonne and I spent yesterday putting together as many strip bundles as we could possibly get and we were very pleasantly surprised how many we were able to get. Each bundle has 25 different authentic 1930's Feedsack fabrics. We loved touching them and seeing just how pretty they are together. We will be calling beginning at the top of the list and working down. Probably will not begin calling until next week sometime, we will need credit card information to secure your kit. If you are on the list and are away during the Holidays and reading this, please take a moment to email Carrie and confirm that you want to still get a kit or have us remove your name. The Cost of the kit is $98.00 (free shipping) and the kit includes 3 1/2" yd. White Kona Cotton, 25 strips of 1930's Feed sack fabrics, 25 - 1930's Embroidery patterns and 250 Pentagon papers for the English Paper Piecing and a Pattern. Kits come as stated, we will not break kits apart or delete portions. A finishing kit will be offered later and I will schedule one daytime and one evening class for those of you that need some instruction. It's a beauty!! If you would like to call to hold your kit, call 970-686-6346 and clearly leave your name and also you can leave your credit card information.



If you are interested in a kit, send Carrie an email or give her a call.  The pattern only will be offered at a later date for use with 1930’s Reproduction prints.

Have a great week!






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  1. Oh, nice project. I can't afford it, but I hope you'll show more pictures of different blocks from time to time. As far as newsletter vs. blog ... I receive both from different companies, and if you HAVE to get rid of one, I, personally, would get rid of the newsletter. Blog posts can be e-mailed, if people sign up for that. Of course, newsletters don't have to be done as often as blog posts, so maybe time should be your determining factor.